How to Cancel A TC2000 Subscription

If at any point you need to cancel your subscription you can do so by following these instructions.

Or feel free to give us a call at 800-776-4940 and select option "1"

1. Click on My Services in the upper right corner of the program.

1. Click on Help.

2. This will bring up the Services tab under My Profile.

3. Click on the Service tab.

3. Uncheck the boxes beneath the Services and/or Data Feeds you would like to cancel.

4. Highlight the "Do not renew my service" option.

Please Note: A non-highlighted grey dot will continue to appear beside LiveBriefs by MT Newswires - this does not mean it is selected.

4. Select Continue to Checkout ->.

5. Click Deactivate Services.

5. The Checkout box will appear containing the Order Details of the services that will not renew. Select "Place your order."

Your service will expire on the stated date and will not be renewed.