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How to Shade Pre- and Post-Market Data on Charts

Pre-market (4-9 a.m.) and post-market (4-8 p.m.) data is available with Real-Time Stock Data in any service level of TC2000 (In order to view pre- and post-market data you will need to be subscribed to real-time US stock data). The chart background can be shaded for these extended hours to differentiate it from the normal market hours (9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) Below are the steps for this shading. (Note: Extended hours data only appears on intraday charts--time frames less than daily.)

1. Right click anywhere on the chart

2. Select Edit Chart Properties

3. Choose the Pre/Post Data tab

4. Click the radial button next to preferred display of Pre/Post market data

  1. Never: will not show pre/post market data
  2. Only outside of normal market hours: displays pre/post market data only during the pre and post market hours
  3. Always: displays the pre/post market data at all times

5. Set shading color/opacity

Place a check mark in the tick box to turn shading on

Click on color selector to choose color for the shading which will highlight pre/post data

Set the opacity value to lighten/darken the shading

You can also change the pre/post market price plot in this menu.

6. Review shading results

Note: pre/post market data only appears in intraday time frames (less than daily) for the most recent pre/post market data available