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How to Change Time Frames

You can easily move from one timeframe to another in TC2000. Click on one of the links below to view various ways to change timeframes quickly.

Change TimeFrames using the drop-down menu.

1.  Click on the dropdown menu button on your chart toolbar

1.  Click on the current time frame on your chart.

2.  Select your desired time frame.

2.  Select your desired time frame.

TimeFrame keyboard shortcuts are listed next to the timeframe in the dropdown menu. You can use those shortcuts to jump to the referenced timeframe.

3.  You chart will now display your desired time frame.

3.  You chart will now display your desired time frame.

You can select which timeframes appear in this dropdown menu by selecting Tools>System Settings>Charts

Change TimeFrames using the toolbar shortcut buttons

1. Click on the button that corresponds to the timeframe you would like to view.

2. Your chart will change to the selected timeframe.

Hold the CTRL button and move your mouses scroll wheel to quickly change between all displayed timeframe buttons

You can select which timeframe buttons appear in the chart toolbar by clicking Tools>System Settings>Charts