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How To Plot Market Indicator Over Time (Add to new chart)

A Market Indicator Chart allows you to plot condition results historically over time. A bar chart is created from the Condition(s) for 1500 bars in any timeframe. Each bar tells you the number of stocks in your selected WatchList returned for any particular date. It is easy to see whether a condition filter returns many or a few symbols at any given point in time. Market Indicator plots show how many stocks pass your condition historically. They can make for good market timing indicators and are useful for checking if your conditions are too strict or loose. (Click here to see how Select Date On Chart refresh rate allows you to run the scan on those dates to see the actual symbols that past your conditions.)

*Platinum service level required.

1. From A WatchList Window

Turn the Filter tool on in your WatchList.

Select Filter to be Historically Plotted. Click the Filter name (or No Conditions) to open the condition editor. Click the Name of a Filter in the Edit window. Click the Folder icon to open your condition/condition set library. Select the condition/set you wish to use.  In this example, we will be using an existing condition called 5 Day Gainer.

(Click here for help selecting existing scan conditions from library.)

Note: Condition sets using mixed time frames will create a Scan Plot using only one time frame for all conditions.

Alternately, create a new condition/condition set. Click the Filter Name to open the Edit Columns & Filters window. Click the Add condition button and choose Add True/False Column.

(Click here for help creating conditions for a new scan.)

2. From the Filter Column.

Right click on the T/F Column header. Select Copy to... from the drop down menu.

Choose New Market Indicator Chart. This will create a historic scan plot for the selected WatchList

This opens and calculates the scan plot for your Market Indicator Plot for the entire timeframe history (1500 bars) in a new, undocked window.

3. From the EasyScan Menu

Click the EasyScan button in the ribbon menu

Type the name of the condition set you want to use. Click on the name to select it from the list.

This opens the Copy to... menu. Select New Market Indicator Chart.

This opens and calculates the Market Indicator plot for your condition(s) for the entire timeframe history (1500 bars) in a new, undocked window.

TC2000 Platinum service level is required for this feature.