How To View a Market Gauge in Detailed Display

A Market Gauge allows you to plot a summary of condition results historically over time. A graph is created from the condition(s) for 1500 bars in any timeframe. Each bar tells you the number of times a specific number of results for your selected WatchList has been returned over the 1500 bars. The optional Detailed View shows the same data as a Gauge view, but the shape of the graph makes it easy to see if a scan generally produces many or few results. The graph shows the percent (or number depending which is chosen) of stocks passing conditions when looked at over the 1500 bars of time giving you an idea of "normal" results. You also clearly see where current results fall in comparison. You can think of a Market Gauge as an abbreviated view of a full scan plot. It’s nice because it doesn’t use up space on your chart and is a quick way to:

  • Historically test your conditions on-the-fly.
  • See how your scan is performing now versus how it normally performs.

*Platinum service level required.

Change the Market Gauge View

Open any Market Gauge by clicking the name at the top of the Gauge window. This opens the Gauge editor.

Click the Display dropdown and choose Detailed.

This will change the display from the Gauge to the Detailed view.

You can stop the streaming scan by unchecking the Running tickbox at the top of the Editor.

TC2000 Platinum service level is required for this feature.