How to Set Scan Refresh Rates

You can select how often you would like the scan to refresh its current results. Refresh interval choices range from Real-Time to Hourly. By doing this, you will get a fresh set of scan results each time that interval is reached. TC2000 will automatically re-scan your selected WatchLists for the results current at that moment.

*One scan can be auto-refreshed in Gold service level. Up to 15 in Platinum.

1. In an open Scan window, click the Refresh drop down to access the timeframe menu

2. Select time interval desired

This will set the interval at which the scan will be refreshed with updated results.

Manual: refresh the scan results manually by clicking the refresh icon. A time stamp (date and/or time) occurs and remains until the scan is manually refreshed again.

Other choices:

Real-time: the scan is streaming and results are always current. (Gold can stream one scan in real-time; Platinum can stream up to 15 simultaneously)

5 seconds - 1 hour: choose a timeframe and the scan will be refreshed automatically at that interval

Select date on chart: works with the pointer. Click and drag the point on the chart to run the scan and get the Scan Results for that date. (Platinum service level required).