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How to Build a Custom Pre/Post-Market Combo List

TC2000 has a system WatchList designed to make it easier to find stocks trading before or after normal market hours. Not all stocks trade in the pre-/post-market. It can be confusing to see pre-/post-market stocks mixed in with stocks that last traded yesterday (especially when you sort & scan). You may wish to work from the “Pre/Postmarket” WatchList to make sure you are only viewing stocks with activity today. You’ll find it under the WatchLists button on the main toolbar. As new stocks trade in the morning, they will automatically by added to this watchlist. The pre/postmarket WatchList can be used for scanning & sorting. The Pre-/Post-Market WatchList is populated automatically when an issue has at least one completed trade during the pre-market hours (4-9:30 am) or the post-market hours (4-8 pm). This article shows you the quickest ways to access and view that WatchList. Using the Combo List feature, you can add basic Pre-Scan conditions to this list.  This article shows you how to build a custom Pre/Post Market Combo List for sorting/scanning.

*Gold or Platinum service level required

1. Open the Combo List Editing window

Click the WatchList menu button and choose New Combo List or click the asterisk button next to the Combo List tab.

Alternately, click the New button and select New Combo List from the drop down menu

2. Click Add List

This opens the WatchList library containing all System and Personal WatchLists.

3. Add the Pre-/Post-Market WatchList from the QuickList section

4. Name the WatchList

5. Click the Add Condition button

6. Choose condition

Select Choose Condition(s)

Type the name of the criteria from which you want to create a condition.

7. Click on the desired criteria to open the editing menu

8. Create the desired condition

Use the condition, value, true and timeframe drop down menus to create the desired condition. Click OK to save the condition. Repeat the process for multiple conditions.

  1. Here is an example of combined WatchList (1) and Conditions (2)

The example here is a condition filtering for stocks whose current price per share is higher than $5, 90-day average volume is greater than 250,000 shares and the stocks are optionable. Any number of conditions can be added here. (For more on adding conditions, click here.) Pre-Scan conditions should be thought of as broader conditions you might want to see on most stocks you look at. They are updated once per hour.

9. Click OK to save the combined WatchList and Conditions in the Combo List section of the WatchList library

You can also add conditions to the combined WatchLists in this menu. Both WatchLists and Pre-Scan Conditions can be saved together in a Combo List.

Real Time Data Feed Required